OpenBeam is an proud member of the Open Source Hardware community.  All our released files for OpenBeam Core compoents are shared out under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license on our github page.  3D Printer engineering drawings are released initially under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike for a period of one calendar year, before reverting to Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike.

The nature of injection molding and aluminum extrusions require a large investment in capital to make cost effective.  In order to bring OpenBeam to the market, and to maintain our supply chain integrity, we manufacture the extrusion on the order of 10+km at a time.  Only with this scale of operation can we hope to amortize the cost of ocean transport, setup fees, etc, to hold our pricing at where it is.

We offer the lead importer of each country royalty free access to the extrusion die; we do this to drive up the sales volume to each individual country (the factory has a minimum order quantity of 1km, per color).  We follow the "Rule of 2.6" and priced the sales structure in such a way that resellers can make a 30% gross margin on sale of OpenBeam with two tiers of distribution.  If you are interested in selling OpenBeam, we ask that you try to work with the lead importer of your country first, before cloning the die and injection molds.

We understand that under certain circumstances, domestic production will trump importing the extrusions.  If you do indeed clone the extrusion, please let us know, so we can point people your way and grow the community together. 


-=- Terence

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