Back from Vacation!

The Kossel engineering team is back from vacation with all limbs intact.  No 3D Printed splints and OpenBeam braces :-).

We were expecting all components except for our heated bed to arrive while we were away at Whistler Bike Park - but UPS managed to "misplace" our package with all the end effector plastics in it.  This is doubly frustrating, as the end effector plastic requires a rework in this current batch.  Meanwhile, our cable vendor also ran a little bit late and will be delivering the first batch of end stop cables and stepper motor cables towards the end of this week.

In the meantime, we are inspecting and checking into inventory what we *do* have, and starting the process of kitting the sub-kits for delivery to our early backers.   We are now aiming to start shipping early backer mechanical kits mid to end of next week - assuming that we don't incur additional customs issues.  (We are starting to see more customs issues because of the nature of the product -  3D Printers are still quite new, and it seems like every time something moves, we have to explain to a bunch of clerks what it is exactly we are trying to import).

One of the things that I have not touched on, is the amount of engineering that actually goes into preparing for shipping.  There are various minor "value add" tasks that are performed - for instance, trimming the fan leads on the end effector to the right length, stripping the right amount of insulation, etc.  We do this to ensure that across the board, builders will have a consistent experience building the printer (and it makes troubleshooting a lot easier - when everyone is starting from the same spot).  Well, just about every tubing, wire, insulation sleeve that we have to cut, we have to design, test and validate a fixture for:

 Fan wire cutting and stripping fixture.  3D Printed and built from OpenBeam, naturally. :-P

Fan wire cutting and stripping fixture.  3D Printed and built from OpenBeam, naturally. :-P

That's about it for this update!  I'll be back in a few days with a more in depth look at the auto levelling probe and what we are doing to quantify the probe.  Here's a sneak peek. :-P

-=- Terence