OpenBeam Applications - PCBGrip

One of the best things about creating an awesome construction system, is being able to see what other people use OpenBeam for.  While we have been focused on bringing the OpenBeam Kossel Pro to market and the OpenBeam Kossel Reprap to public release, we also use a lot of OpenBeam for fixture and tooling.  (A lot of the fixture applications at work I can't show, due to confidentiality reason - but I do eat my own dog food quite bit).

I've been corresponding with Jason out of Toronto, Canada, for a close to a year now.  A couple of weeks ago he finally revealed what he's been up to, and it's pretty cool!

I'll let them tell you more about the system, in the videos below, but needless to say, I have already backed them.  The parts look to be beautifully machined, and not very different from my much cruder bits that I've often clobbered together for work holding.