And now, a guest post from Mrs. OpenBeam


As some of you know, Terence and I got married a few weeks ago (October 26, to be exact!) The wedding was fantastic and we loved getting to see all our family and friends from all over the world. We figured this would be a good time to show off a little bit of our geeky side, and we integrated some laser cutting projects, some robotics, a 3D printer, and of course, some touches of OpenBeam.

The table numbers were something very simple I designed, cut out of 3 mm Baltic birch, and mounted in OpenBeam.

The card box was a simple box utilizing Baltic birch and OpenBeam again.

Our "ring bear wrangler," the daughter of one of Terence's friends/colleagues, is a budding geek herself, and an active Hackerscout, so we knew she would be up to the task of driving the ring bear robot down the aisle. It was controlled via Bluetooth on a Nexus 7, building upon the work done by Keith Baston, who won the OpenBeam Build Off a few months back.

The ring bear robot is powered by a Sparkfun Redboard, a Bluetooth Mate Gold Bluetooth modem, and 2 Hub-ee wheels.  Terence put the robot together in about 3 hours.  During rehearsal and testing though, one of the wheel's internals melted and caused the robot to swerve as our ring bear wrangler tried to navigate it down the aisle, adding to the challenge.  Fortunately Terence had bought a spare wheel, though he left it at home so we didn't get a change for a full practice run with the working robot.

3D printing was also featured at the wedding.  We 3D printed a few LED tealight holders and small vases and gave them away at the end of the night:

We were glad to have a number of Terence's 3D printer and geek buddies in attendance:

Last but not least, the laser cut guest book. The hinge is based on the living hinge used in Snijlab's folding wood booklet and I used binding posts from the scrapbook section of the local craft store to fasten about 30 pages into the book. The pages were printed with photos of us from the last 3 years, including many of our engagement photos, with plenty of room left for guest signatures.

I think that about covers the relevant bits of the wedding! Thanks for being patient with us as this has taken over a lot of our life for the last couple months. I think we are both looking forward to getting back to "normal," whatever that might mean!


Rachel, Terence and furry monster puppy