Trebuchet Kit Update

Just a quick blog post before I crash for the night. TAM_9385.JPG

Here's a stack of pre-cut extrusions. About an hour of solid cutting on the RoboSaw. Next time I run the machine I'd be sure to have all my packaging figured out before I run it. It takes the silly human (me) a lot longer than an hour to deal with sorting the output from the machine. (It wouldn't be quite so bad if I had boxes to sort the pieces into as they come off the line, but that's a different story).


The pieces are eventually stacked into two neat little bricks, and then shrink wrapped to protect them during transportation.


Here's all the laser cut pieces. The kerf is a bit wider than normal, so they all fell out, unfortunately…


Which lead to a long night doing jigsaw puzzles for me…


Here's all the laser cut pieces, reassembled, taped, and shrink wrapped.


Next are the engineering drawings. 8 pages per set, showing how the thing goes together. They aren't my best drawing, but it'll get the point across.


Like all proper engineering drawings, they are rolled, not folded.


Steel shaft and shaft collars for the throwing arm


Here are the pouches for the trebuchet. I've never worked with laser cutting felt before. It worked out really well - and much less noxious smelling than laser cutting leather or stingray (stink ray).


And here's the bagged up, individual bits. To the left are the parts for the pouch subassembly, to the right are the parts for the throwing arm's bearing mounts.

We understand that we've been stretching people's patience with the trebuchet kits (and we are really happy that there's only twelve backers in this catagory) - we are very, VERY happy to report that the end is in sight. We are currently only waiting for a few screws and such to arrive, and we are hoping to be able to finish kitting and shipping them out next Monday. The signed prints will go out about then as well, and with that, we can finally close out the Kickstarter campaign.

Thanks for reading,

-=- Terence