Update #4: OpenBeam in the news, funding status and international shipping

Hello Kickstarter! First of all, thank you everybody for believing in the OpenBeam project and for your support. We've had an incredible past few days, and we surely hope that this trend continues. Less than 1 week after launch, we're at 70% funding.

Here are some coverage of the OpenBeam project from around the web.

Limor Fried, aka ladyada, had been kind enough to mention us in her company's blog:


We were also picked up by Wired Geek Dad, and Hack-A-Day:



And finally, Dr. Ganter from the University of Washington's Open3DP Group did a nice writeup on OpenBeam:


Dr. Ganter's blog is a really good resource that every 3D Printer builder should read. It features recipes, buildlogs and lots of other goodies.

In related news, international shipping prices are now confirmed. There are now two new reward packages geared for international backers, with the extrusions cut down to 550mm to allow them to ship via First Class Parcel instead of Priority International Parcel. Cost adders for the heavier packages are now also listed in the FAQ session.

That's it for this update - stay tuned next week for an engineering update as I prepare to risk-buy the tool to shorten the lead times!

-=- Terence