Update #13 - Kit content changes, fulfillment, and project "wrap up"

Pop quiz. Anyone know what this is? IMG_2229

Let's take a closer look…


That's right, two pallets of aluminum extrusion (each containing 3km and weighing as much as a small car…), had finally arrived at our fulfillment facility! This should be enough extrusions to fill all the Kickstarter orders 2x over...


It certainly seemed like a very long journey, but we will finally be starting fulfillment next week. As we do so, email and other communications will probably lag due to the focus on fulfillment and other logistics.

First a quick update on the kits, and the fulfillment logistics.

In a few minutes, assuming you have filled out your backer survey form, you will be receiving an email from me, with a PDF attachment of the actual pick list that will be used to "pick" your order. Please check the list for accuracy and raise any concerns you see immediately.

Due to the extrusions landing behind schedule, we will kit up all of the orders for the Seattle metropolitan areas first (that includes Redmond, Kent, Bothell, Kirkland, etc). These will then be delivered to Metrix:Create Space. They will all have a Fedex ground label printed and stuck to them, so if you don't pick up your order (you have until about 3 weeks after the launch party to do so) we will call Fedex and have them ship it to you. Alternatively, if you absolutely cannot make it over to Metrix, email me *after* the launch party and I'll get it taken care of.

We will then kit up the international $1024, $1100 and $2000 orders, proceed with all the international $75 and $150 pledges, and pick the rest of the kits in ascending dollar value, in chronological order of pledging.

So what are the changes in the kits?

To streamline the efficiency of the assembly line, we've made a few changes to how the parts are packaged.


Here are the shaft clamps. Originally they required that you buy separately hex head cap screws to use them; but I've negotiated with the folks at Western Tools and they are now including the screws you need out of the box. They now come in packs of 4 - each pack contains 4 screws of different lengths to allow you to clamp to shafts of different sizes. Since the use of this clamp usually requires supporting a shaft from both ends, I've decided to furnish this in a set of 4. If you've ordered 6 clamps (3 sets), your order would have been rounded up to the nearest multiple of 4 (2 sets).



Same goes for the bearing adapters, NEMA 17 motor mount plates and servo motor mount plates. With a stamping tool, I'm able to offer these parts at a much lower rate than before. Therefore I've went ahead and doubled the amount of brackets you will be getting if your kit included them. Likewise, for every motor and servo bracket you've ordered a-la-carte, you will now get two.

In the spirit of cooperation, we have included whenever possible MicroRAX compatible bolt patterns on our brackets. You can see this on the NEMA17 motor mount.

Perhaps the biggest change is in the Camera Rig Kit. When the camera rig kit was put together, I was working off the assumption of $20.00 per meter of black anodized aluminum. Now that we are at $12.00 per meter, these backers were getting a pretty raw deal. Then I noticed that most of the people neglected to add the $30.00 carbon steel tubes into the order. So, if you've pledged for the $125.00 camera rig, I will toss in the carbon steel tubes, as well as a laser cut kit to build the mounting platform for your camera clamp / quick release mount. If you've included the extra $30 for the tubes, I'll convert that into 3x black aluminum extrusions instead. I'll also be adding in a 5.5mm nut driver, since working with the shaft clamps it's a pain in the ass not to have one.

We are doing all this, because frankly, we want delighted customers who will keep OpenBeam in mind for their next construction project. :-)

With that said, I'll go back to parsing shipping data into our shipping managers...


Rachel will go back to stuffing shipping labels and organizing the paperwork for the pick lists...


and this is what the furry monster puppy had to say about helping me out with all the customs declaration paperwork …


Oh, and one more thing ...

Screen Shot 2012-06-22 at 9.52.55 PM

Screen Shot 2012-06-22 at 9.53.56 PM

Screen Shot 2012-06-22 at 9.54.47 PM

Screen Shot 2012-06-22 at 9.54.14 PM

The webstore is pretty much ready to go. You just can't see it yet :-). (We are not launching the webstore until we have the fulfillment for our existing backers under control).

That's all for this update! We hope to get OpenBeam into your eager hands soon.

-=- Terence, Rachel and the furry monster puppy.