Update #12 - (Almost) shipping!

Hello everyone!

My apologies for not updating the blog earlier.  I got pretty sick after MakerFaire San Mateo and with the stress of having to prepare for Seattle and Kitsap Maker Faire, never really made a full recovery.  (Not to worry, I'm all better now).

The million dollar question that everyone's asking, is "Where's my stuff?"  With that said, we switch from a Gantt Chart to the next weapon in a project manager's arsenal - the issues list.  Here's the status of all the parts in the kit that's shipping:


There had been some slippage on the schedule.  The teams at Western Tools and Dan Terry, Inc had been doing a good job at keeping me up to date with the situations with all the startup pains.  That said, the extrusions should leave LA no later than Friday.  That means we should start filling orders next week.

We will start by shipping the Basic, Basic Plus, Basic Elite, International Basic, and International Basic Elite kits first.  We will then ship the Machine Builder Kits and the Hackerspace and Grandmaster Kits.  Finally, we'll fill the camera mount kits, and then the trebuchet kits.  The reason for the delay on the trebuchet and camera kits is because of the additional engineering time and resources required to manufacture and pack the laser-cut components (trebuchet specific components in the trebuchet kit, camera mounting plate for the camera mount kit).

So, what does the fulfillment process actually look like?

Shipping Cell


Here's the work cell for fulfillment, before we started unloading the pallets.

This pallet just came in from Hong Kong.

Here's Casey helping with opening the boxes for inspection.  That entire pallet was just airfreighted in from Hong Kong.  I didn't want to wait the 30 days for surface freight.

T Bracket - about 2000 of them.  Box 1 of 11. :-)

Here's the closeup of one of the boxes.  All the brackets are packaged in packs of 8.  This is the T-bracket - box 1 out of 11.  Total, we ordered 16,800 T and L brackets, and 8000 shaft clamps, feet, and 4000 bearing adapters.  

Screws.  200,000 screws, packaged into packs of 100. :-)  Box 1 of 4The screws are also prepackaged in packs of 100.  We ordered about 200,000 screws - and box 1/4.  :-)

Box 1 of 2 - hex keys and drivers.

The order is big enough that I signed up to be a Wera dealer.  By doing so, I can source (and offer) top of the line tools cheaper than I can buy and resell an allen key from McMaster.  No 5 cent recycled beer-can hex keys for my backers!  Wera Werk GmbH of Germany makes some dang fine tools - and we bought about 700 hex keys and 700 hex drivers, along with some 5.5mm nut driver for the camera rig folks.  Here is box 1 of 2 of the hex key order.  

All the hex drivers are packed in packs of 5.

 So that's it for this update.  Back to work for me...

-=- Terence, Rachel and the furry monster puppy