OpenBeam Launch Party - 2012.06.29 20:00 @ Metrix Create Space

OpenBeam will be having its launch party at 8pm on June 29th, 2012, at Metrix:Create Space! I will provide family-friendy and adult beverages.  Come by, pick up your order, pick up additional OpenBeam parts and accessories from the fine folks at Metrix, or just come hang out!

Fun aspects of the party aside, you will actually be helping me out quite a bit by attending the launch party.  I forgot to factor in WA state sales tax in my reward fulfillment calculations, and so by picking up the package you will save me the shipping costs, which will offset some of the sales tax that I am unfortunately going to have to eat. :-(

If you are local (or within reasonable driving distances), and if you're interested in attending, please email me <Terence (at) OpenBeamUSA (dot) com>.  I will then arrange to have your package held at Metrix and email you when the package is ready for pick up.  Your order will be filled in the sequence outlined in Update #12 and will be held at Metrix until 2 weeks after the launch party, at which point I will slap a Fedex shipping label on the package and ship it to you.


-=- Terence, Rachel and the furry monster puppy