[In Depth] - 608 Bearing Adapter

TL625-000104-001-B - 608 to NEMA17 Adapter Our 608 Bearing to NEMA17 adapter is essentially a standard 608 skate bearing pillow block with a NEMA17 motor mount pattern. This allows the other end of a long drive shaft to be supported using the same bracket work that is supporting the NEMA17 motor.

Each of the mounting bolt holes contains a captive hex nut geometry. You can use this to capture either a DIN934 compliant nut, a nylock nut, or the head of a hex head cap screw.

Engineering drawing and CAD files (in X_T, STL, STEP and IGES, as well as Solidworks native format) available here. Buy this part here, at the OpenBeam web store.