CAD Release

Early on in the project, people had asked about the application examples seen in the Openbeam Kickstarter video. Today, I'm happy to be releasing them under Creative Commons BY:SA license. The files are being furnished in two formats right now: Solidworks eDrawings, and the native Solidworks files themselves. I will be adding additional, CAD platform neutral formats later (probably STP - let me know in the comments what you'd like to see).

For Solidworks eDrawing, you can download a free viewer here for PC, Mac, and there is a paid app version for the iPad as well. You will need a seat of Solidworks, either the real McCoy, or a student edition, to view the native Solidworks files.

Please understand that these CAD files are A) Feature incomplete, B) released as is, C) somewhat out of date. The reasons for that are:

A) The files were created for "show and tell" to show the possibilities for OpenBeam, in the Kickstarter video. Although we made good faith effort to ensure that the designs are buildable, until the extrusions land, we lack the ability to prototype and validate the designs.

B) I am not actively working on these files, until the extrusions land, so I am merely releasing them early to the community to play with.

C) Since launching the kickstarter video, based on user input and usability study on the FDM prototypes, we have made improvements to the individual parts' designs. These design changes are not reflected in the files here.

(And consequently, please do not use these files to develop your own shortcut tools. I will be releasing an updated Solidworks CAD add-on in 2-3 weeks with the updated file geometry).

Without further ado, here are the files:


RepRap Lemon Curry based machine. If you want to see one of these machines in action, check out this cool kickstarter project or this project on IndieGogo. Click here for the eDrawings file and the Solidworks Pack and Go archive.


Camera slider. This was designed around the MakerSlide, another successful Kickstarter project. However, availability of the MakerSlide beams was questionable and so I pulled the reward before people could back it. Click here for eDrawing files and click here for the Solidworks Pack and Go archive.


And finally, here's the trebuchet kit. The actual shipping kit to our backers will be slightly different - it'll include some laser cut baltic birch parts for the counterweight, sling, and of course, targets. :-) Here's the eDrawings, and pack and go archive.

Enjoy, and please let me know in the comments how it worked for you, and any comments / suggestions you may have. Thanks!

-=- Terence