Update #2: Facebook page, international shipping

Hello Kickstarter! Terence here, I'm taking a break here from calculating international postages to let you all know that we've finally gotten enough likes on our Facebook page to register for a custom URL. Our OpenBeam Facebook page can be found at:


Please take a moment to help us spread the word about OpenBeam by liking that page. Remember, Kickstarter operates on an "All or nothing" funding basis, so we must hit the $30,000 in pledges for the project to launch. Over the next few days, we'll be posting more and more of the pictures of OpenBeam onto Facebook.

As for international shipping, it turns out that US Postal Service discontinued surface parcel service back in 2007. The only way to get OpenBeam to Europe and Australia now is via air freight - as most logistics companies such as DHL charges a premium for what they call "less than a container load" (LCL). But be assured that I'm running the density calculations now to figure out what the shipping costs are like, and whether it'd be more cost effective to chop up the beams and ship them in 500mm lengths. (Backers will of course, have the ability to choose either method).

Once again, thank you everyone for your support. Let's see if we can hit $5000.00 tonight! :-)

-=- Terence